Japan Asia Group Limited Review – Creating Shared Value

We believe that our business, in itself, at Japan Asia Group should be focused on Creating Shared Value (CSV), namely creating both corporate and societal value by endeavoring to solve societal issues while also strengthening competitiveness and creating corporate value; towards which we will undertake a range of initiatives.

Disaster Surveying

We rapidly deploy our experts and aircraft to survey and accurately assess disaster zones, ensuring effective relief, recovery and reconstruction, based on our expertise as a general consultant in the spatial information and social infrastructure development fields. Why? Because we believe that it is our responsibility to reduce the risk posed by disasters, to increase disaster resiliency and to develop safe and secure communities.

Environmental consideration

We at Japan Asia Group are working towards achieving green communities on a global scale through numerous initiatives.

Local Level Development

We are currently researching – and putting into action – innovative ways of integrating community-based decision making and local values into urban planning and development.

Worldwide Activities

As part of our global corporate citizenship, we actively participate in a range of initiatives – such as United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) Private Sector Advisory Group, and the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council – to tackle both local-level and global issues.

Valuing Diversity

In 1985 we set up a joint venture, TDS Co., Ltd., with Tokyo Metropolitan Government, as Tokyo’s first third-sector (non-profit) company. Its team of highly trained experts provides a range of services, from geospatial data processing and analysis to 3D digital mapping. While it is now a wholly owned group company, it still maintains its founding spirit and is an important contributor to social diversity.


Japan Asia Group Limited Review – Corporate Information

Japan Asia Group is leading the way towards green communities, both locally and globally, through synergy among 85 subsidiaries, in four core divisions.

Company Name:         JAPAN ASIA GROUP LIMITED

Stock Listing:              First section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (code:3751)

Capital:                        3.995 billion Yen (as of March, 2016)

Founded:                     March, 1988

Head Office:               Kokusai Building, 1-1, Marunouchi 3-chome,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo, Japan 100-0005

Telephone:                   +81-3-4476-8000

Total Net assets:          28.2 billion Yen (consolidated, as of March, 2016)

Subsidiaries:                72 (consolidated, as of March, 2016)