TLS Group – About us

About us

We are a young team and we work for young people. Our team has got over 50 people, including London, Madrid and Barcelona.

In the past year, we have grown 300% in the number of beds and we are still growing to improve your service. Our added value is that we offer a wide range of convenience services to students and young professionals. Nuestro valor diferencial son los servicios personalizados para estudiantes y jóvenes profesionales.

Our ultimate goal is that you live an unforgettable experience with our TLS community.

Join us!

Do you want to work with us?

Join the TLS Group team is easy. Simply send us an email telling us a bit about yourself, about the area in which you want to work and your home university. We will try to get you the position that best suits you.

Merge as TLS Embassy

We suggest another way of working with us; become TLS Group representative at your university. You will help your colleagues with their accommodation, event invitations, and all the services that TLS Group offers.


The Fraud Practice: About Us


Offering a neutral, unbiased, source for information related to setting up and maintaining online payments and fraud prevention:

  • Consulting Services
  • Chargeback Monitoring
  • Market Research
  • Fraud & Payment Training
  • Fraud Library


President, Executive Consultant. My Name is David Montague and I am the president and principal consultant for The Fraud Practice. As the president and principal consultant for The Fraud Practice I can offer much more than just 16 years of experience in eCommerce and over 12 years’ experience in fraud prevention. Throughout my career, from IBM to CyberSource to my own company, I have been repeatedly called upon to evaluate the markets and to develop new payment and fraud solutions for my employers and clients.

Industry Recognized Expertise. Mr. Montague is a published author, having written 2 books on credit card and eCommerce fraud and speaks regularly about eCommerce fraud at events around the world.


We aren’t a big consulting firm trying to provide consulting support for any consulting needs. We are a specialized consultancy focused on eCommerce payments and fraud. When you choose The Fraud Practice, you aren’t going to get a junior consultant or an inexperienced single-sourced solution. You can be assured that your company’s project will be conducted by a real expert in the space, David Montague and his supporting team, so you can get answers faster and at a lower cost than using other consulting firms.

  • We know what organizations are looking for from payment and fraud solution providers.
  • We know what technology, services, and providers are available in the market, how much they cost and how they are best used.
  • We know how the verticals, regional markets and channels effect payments and fraud management.

Our clients have come from every vertical market and every geographic region in the world, and the fact that we aren’t in the market to “sell” any one solution ensures you will get a vendor neutral analysis with your best interests coming first.  In six years of operation we haven’t had a dissatisfied customer.

Air Conditioning Associates Denver Boiler Storage Room Installation: Projects

ACA Denver Boiler has designed, built and installed commercial HVAC systems across the front range for more than 35 years. We have the capability to design and build systems in our shop and install them overnight so our clients never experience “down time”. Below are some slide shows of our recent projects:

  • Custom Designed System Maintenance Guide