TLS Group Madrid, Barcelona, London: Services

TLS Concept is our service of residential rental properties. By having a large database of tenants across Europe, we are constantly looking for homes that fit these demands.

Is my property suitable for the service?

If your property is located within the area shown in the picture, we will be happy to make our services available for you. We can offer you a guaranteed rental plan to 5 years.

What does basic Concept rent include?

  • Announcement on real estate Portal
  • Commercial opening hours 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year including holidays
  • Presentation at the IVIMA of bail deposits
  • Network of own sales channels
  • Assessment of market income
  • Rental contract
  • International presence

Optional services

  • Strengthening of operation, studies of indebtedness and financial solvency
  • Debtors file search
  • Arbitration agreement of lease

All of these services by value of 1 month.


Elliott Associates Inc Quality Therapy on Center Organizational Development Consultants

Organizational Development Consultants (ODC) is a unique and responsive resource. Much like specialists you might call upon for assistance in other technical areas, ODC provides consultation and problem solving services related to your organization and its human resources needs.

We’ve carefully blended a staff of experienced professionals with the skills to provide precisely the kind of help you need, with the positive results you require. ODC offers a variety of services, designed to keep your organization and your employees healthier, and more productive. In a sense, we’ve become specialists in “Organizational Fitness.”

With over 20 years of experience, we’ve had the opportunity to demonstrate the value of our services in a variety of employment settings.  Banks, social agencies, schools, colleges, universities, medical schools, government agencies, hospitals and manufacturing firms, have all experienced the positive impact of our services.

We encourage you to consider Organization Development Consultants for your organizational needs.

Despite our increasing dependence on technology, and the importance of machines and procedures, it’s your employees who make things happen. People make the difference.

When you stop to think about it: It’s not procedures that meet your production quotas, its people. Machines don’t irritate customers or gain their trust, people do. Modern technology can’t generate or manage departments, people can. It’s not reports or quotas or even products or services that make your organization unique, its people… your employees.

Because your organization is unique, we’ve developed resources which enable us to work directly with you in examining ways to be most helpful and responsive. Our objective is to identify and provide services which you need, in order to build and maintain an even more dynamic, profitable organization. Our research has led us to offer these top three services to best assist you.

Employee Assessment

How many times have you felt certain that you had selected the “right” employee only to see them leave by their choice or yours a short time later because “things” didn’t seem to work out? The cost of such hiring mistakes is high considering the time spent in orientation, training, lack of production, effects on other employee’s moral and potential negative effects on customers and sales. You can look at a person’s resume and see what they can do but what they will does can only be determined by psychological assessment.

At ODC, we have have carefully identified and constantly upgrade to the finest psychological tests which are statistically proven to be effective in measuring human abilities and personality characteristics. Our assessment reports which are placed in the employees file are not only used for new hires. The psychological data in the reports is extremely valuable over the work life of the employee when it comes to such issues as promotion, team building, conflict resolution, reassignment, discipline, termination, retirement preparation and succession planning. Amy time a decision is being made about an employee, the test results can take the guess work out of the process and eliminate the risk.

Training of an Employee
in the Practical and Technical Issues is

Selection of a Qualified Employee is

Psychological Assessment is a Keystone

In Selecting the


Employee Assistance Programs

“He’s the best worker I’ve got… when he’s here.” It is a widely accepted fact that personal problems affect employee’s abilities to perform on the job. Financial concerns, addictions, emotional problems, stress, family problems and many other factors can seriously undermine the effectiveness of your people….and your production.

Our Employee Assistance Program staff has counseled with thousands of employees and their families to produce a more productive and reliable work staff.  Many research studies have confirmed that helping employees in dealing with their personal concerns will result in keeping your working staff healthier, more productive and improve your bottom line.

Organizational Development and Training

ODC can work with your organization to explore effective ways to achieve your business objectives. We do this by first doing an organization assessment conducted by personal interviews and by anonymous questionnaire. Once we have determined the training needs, specific workshops and training modules are conducted to improve the work process individually and as a team. In addition, any discovered organizational problems will be noted and recommendations made for new procedures or reorganization.

People Make The Difference