Net Neutrality – New Rules in US

Sanchez – Network neutrality is one of the most debated issues in the United States.UU. and mostly at a global level. It’s a principle that promotes unrestricted access to the Internet, to prevent restrictions of Governments or ISPs to content online, websites, devices, platforms, loads and discharges of network, video, emails, and other media. It ensures that access to the Internet and its contents not be arbitrarily blocked, slowed or accelerated. Also alludes to that Web sites should be treated same as enterprises cable or telephony when they use broadband or high-speed connections.

This principle networks divided between those that are neutral and those that are not. In the first group, the neutral networks would only connect devices, without any ability to differentiate the needs or applications of these devices. On the other hand, non-neutral networks could distinguish the type of information transmitted on the networks, and operate differently, depending on the needs of different kinds of information. READ FULL AT Lupi & Associates Madrid Fraud Law Firm Due Diligence