Epilepsy Care Group Singapore Awareness Association: Dietary supplement may help to prevent seizures

Researchers found that a dietary supplement called glucosamine helped to reduce neural excitability in rodents.

A new study reveals how a dietary supplement could be used to reduce excitability in brain cells ” a known trigger of seizures ” opening the door to possible new treatments for epilepsy.

Researchers speculated that reductions in a protein modification called O-GlcNAcylation in the brain cells of rats and mice might lead to neural excitability, which is a known trigger of seizures.

In the new study, increasing levels of this protein with glucosamine ” which is a supplement used to help reduce pain in osteoarthritis, among other conditions ” was found to reduce neural excitability in rodents.

The findings not only help to shed light on the processes behind neural excitability, but they may also have identified a new treatment target for epilepsy.

Study co-author Prof. John Chatham, of the Department of Pathology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and colleagues recently reported their findings in The Journal of Neuroscience.

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that is estimated to affect around 3 million adults and 470,000 children in the United States.

The condition is characterized by unpredictable, recurrent seizures, which can occur when brain cells become hyperactive. This may cause surges of electrical activity that disrupt signaling between brain cells.

In a previous study, Prof. Chatham and team found that increases in protein O-GlcNAcylation are associated with a reduction in the strength of synapses in the hippocampus of the brain. Synapses are structures that allow neurons to transmit signals to each other.

The team notes that neural excitability in the hippocampus ” or the learning and memory region of the brain ” is often implicated in people with epilepsy.

Given their previous findings, the researchers hypothesized that increasing O-GlcNAcylation levels could help to reduce neural excitability, thereby preventing seizures.


Devin Fitzpatrick Interior Consultant – Profiel

Devin Fitzpatrick Interior Consultant - Profiel

Opgroeien met een vader in de gastvrijheidsindustrie in het hele land, werden Devin van ogen getrokken naar mooie en inspirerende interieurs op een vroege leeftijd. Na grade school in de omgeving van Boston en middelbare school in Zuid-Californië haalde Devin een Bachelor of Arts graad in Art History cum laude en een Master of Arts graad in interieur. Na de verhuizing naar Seattle, werkte ze voor een residentiële architect voor twee jaar, en vervolgens als een Senior Designer bij NB Design Group, een award-winnende residentiële en commerciële interieur ontwerpbureau. Gedurende deze tijd, ze leiden projecten voor Forbes 400 cliënten en hun landgoederen, werkte samen met architecten op ontwerp en herinrichting high-end residenties, beheerde centrum condo renovaties en verbouwingen en verstrekte raadpleging voor meubels, afwerkingen en verf kleuren voor talrijke huizen in de Pacific Northwest. Verschillende van haar projecten bekroond en zijn gekenmerkt in publicaties zoals Luxe, zonsondergang, renovatie stijl en Seattle huizen en levensstijlen.

Terwijl het behalen van haar Master’s degree, voortgezet Devin herinterest in kunst en de kunstnijverheid. Haar proefschrift “The interrelatie van Art en ruimte: een onderzoek van laat de 19e en begin van de 20e eeuw Europese schilderkunst,” de Joel Polsky Achievement Award ontvangen de ASID Education Foundation en is gekenmerkt in de IIDA Knowledge Center. In 2010, Devin nam een sabbatical zomer en verdere studie van de kunst aan de NYU nagestreefd en verdiende een certificaat in beoordeling Studies van Fine en decoratieve Kunsten.

Devin woont in Maple Leaf met haar echtgenoot, Scot Eckley, een landschap ontwerper en aannemer. Hun tuin is featured in talloze publicaties en favoriete stop op lokale tuin tours. Devin en Scot delen hun tuin en huis met hun jonge dochter en zoon.

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Planning a Meeting? Why Not in Galveston?


Most visitors come to Galveston to relax on the beaches, stroll the Strand, maybe visit museums and to dine at some of the island’s most popular restaurants. Yet despite it being a vacation destination, Galveston is also a great place to hold meetings.

And what makes Galveston’s meeting venues particularly unique? Well, what can be more enticing than doing business with sandy shores just a stone’s throw away.

It’s no secret that meeting planners have eyed Galveston’s scenic setting and cooling breezes as a refreshing backdrop to business-as-usual meetings and conventions. Meeting in a vacation destination at a resort can often help ease stress levels and offer more exciting before and after meeting activities as opposed to typical venues.

Between meetings at the Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa & Convention Center, for example, delegates can wander through the adjacent Aquarium Pyramid teeming with aquatic life, or the Rainforest Pyramid with its tropical plants and exotic fish and birds. The hotel facilities offer 103,000 square feet of combined meeting space, including 60,000 within its exhibit hall as well as 15,180 square feet in the Frances Moody Ballroom.

The Galveston Island Convention Center at the San Luis Resort sits adjacent to the beach skirting bustling Seawall Boulevard. The Center has 140,000 square feet of total meeting space including 43,100 square feet in a column-free exhibition hall, 15,500 square feet in the grand ballroom, 29,000 for pre-function space and 12,000 square feet of breakout meeting space. There are more than 700 adjacent hotel rooms, 250 of which are in the San Luis Resort, Spa & Conference Center which in itself has 40,000 square feet of meeting space.

Both Wyndham properties, the downtown 119-room Tremont House in the Strand District and sister property, the 224-room Hotel Galvez at the Seawall have 15,500 and 25,000 square feet of meeting space, respectively. The Hilton Galveston Island Resort offers 15,000 square feet, while The Grand 1894 Opera House can accommodate groups with 11,000 square feet of space. For small events and meetings, the elegant 1894 Moody Mansion with its stained glass windows is available, particularly for weddings and family events.

Other than the beaches, Galveston has many attractions to keep delegates occupied. The Strand is great for browsing with its boutiques, galleries, shops and restaurants. Just a few of the island’s museums include the Texas Seaport Museum which offers tours of the Tall Ship Elissa berthed alongside the waterfront museum, the Railroad Museum housed in the old Galveston Union Depot and the Mardi Gras Museum, all located within the Strand District or nearby. Galveston’s many historic and Victorian homes including the Menard Home, an 1838 Greek Revival mansion, and the 1839 Samuel May Williams Home offer a glimpse into the city’s cultural history.

Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing – Missing the Boat


So you’re visiting an island for the day – maybe enjoying a few cold ones – and lose track of time – OOPS! To the many readers who have asked “will the ship leave without me?” – The answer is a definitive YOU BETCHA! Cruise ships run on a schedule – X-number of hours to dock at the next port, and they stick to it.

The only time Lorraine has seen exceptions to “departure time” is when a ship-approved shore excursion is running late – then there is a wait for passengers to return – otherwise, you need to be prepared to find your own way to the next port. She personally witnessed a group of six or eight late arrivals in Cozumel running down the pier yelling “WAIT! WAIT! COME BACK!” as the ship pulled away –someone from a balcony yelled to them “get a watch!”

Be sure to keep time a priority when ashore – especially when return to the ship involves a “tender” ride. The line for tenders gets longer and longer as the day wears on and while you may think you have plenty of time, you could be in for a rude awakening! The closest Lorraine has come to “missing the boat” was in Costa Maya. She was happily consuming “cold Sols” and did not realize that her watch had stopped – no problem – the port’s time was one hour different than ship’s time. She leisurely browsed the shops –priced-out a Costa Maya condo (like in her dreams) – and returned to the ship at what she thought was an hour before the posted “Guests Onboard” time. There she was on the Lido Deck enjoying a coffee when the ship began to move – OMG! It turns out the port’s time difference was one hour, BUT in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION. Had she not returned when she did, the only way home from Costa Maya (the ship’s final port) would have been a minimum 2 hour cab ride to the nearest regional airport to get a flight to Mexico City to get a flight to Houston. Hullo? her passport was locked in the safe on the ship.

And, once Lorraine and daughter got caught short in Key West – departure time was Midnight and “passengers onboard” was 11:30 – well – at 11:10 we were at the opposite end of Duval Street in some sleazy bar……you have never seen two panicked people move so fast! Then on a later cruise, daughter (with Lorraine as co-conspirator) was frighteningly late returning to the ship in Acapulco!

In retrospect, we laugh about our “near misses” – but at the time, believe me – THEY WERE SCARY!

Have you ever had a “close encounter” or witnessed one? Let Lorraine know – she loves your input!

Wine Connoisseurs Rejoice! The Galveston Island Food & Wine Festival is back


Red or white? And what food choice might you prefer with your favorite wines?

These are the questions – no doubt fun decisions to make – facing those who attend the 2017 Galveston Island Food & Wine Festival. This year’s festival, scheduled for Friday and Saturday, May 5-6, will have no shortage of food and wine choices making the above questions very easy to answer.

There will be wines from nearly two dozen vineyards, each with their own varieties and blends. And restaurants from across Galveston and the Greater Houston Area will be serving up hors d’oeuvres for some of the festival’s wine-tasting events that include the following, according to the festival’s website:

  • The Blind Tasting. Guests will swirl, sniff and sip their way through more than 100 red and white wines. Each bottle wears a disguise so attendees must rely solely on their palate to discern the story behind each vintage and vote its attributes. The three top scoring red and white wines from rounds one and two will advance to the Chaine des Rôtisseurs Dinner where one will be named the festival’s Grand Champion.
  • The Premium Tasting. Those attending will taste fine wines from the participating vineyards and indulge in heavy hors d’oeuvres provided by the participating restaurants. This exclusive event is available to a limited number of attendees so purchase tickets early.
  • The Grand Tasting. Dishes will be presented as tapas-style plates as they sip an impressive array of wines. This event includes a souvenir wine glass, event program with complete list of wines, and bottomless samples of more than 100 vintages.

Another event is the Chaine des Rôtisseurs Dinner, where invited guests will blind taste the top three red and three white wines selected during the preliminary blind tasting, to determine the festival’s Grand Champion, Grand Reserve Champion and Reserve Champion. The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is the oldest and largest food and wine society in the world comprised of gourmands, gourmets, gastronomes, chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, winery owners and others.

Other activities include a “Meet the Chefs” event, a 5K Run, and pre-festival events yet to be finalized. There’s also a poster contest for artists to create an image for the festival’s official 2017 poster. All entrants must submit a high-resolution digital copy of their work by April 7. The winner will be notified via email on April 14 by 5:00pm. Any two-dimensional media may be used to design the poster.

Promoters and organizers urge those interested to purchase a VIP Premium + Grand Tasting Package Ticket. When purchased together, you will receive entry to the Premium Tasting and early VIP entry into The Grand Tasting, allowing you to skip the lines and have more one-on-one time with the vineyard and restaurant representatives.

VIP Entry begins at 1:00pm on Saturday, May 6th and includes a souvenir wine glass and festival program with full list of featured wines. Separate event ticket prices range from $30 to $156, which covers the Premium and Grand Tasting package. For more information on the poster contest, tickets, event times and venues: http://www.galvestonfoodandwinefestival.com/

Other activities include a “Meet the Chefs” event, a 5K Run, and pre-festival events yet to be finalized. There’s also a poster contest for artists to create an image for the festival’s official 2017 poster. All entrants must submit a high-resolution digital copy of their work by April 7. The winner will be notified via email on April 14 by 5:00pm. Any two-dimensional media may be used to design the poster.

Promoters and organizers urge those interested to purchase a VIP Premium + Grand Tasting Package Ticket. When purchased together, you will receive entry to the Premium Tasting and early VIP entry into The Grand Tasting, allowing you to skip the lines and have more one-on-one time with the vineyard and restaurant representatives.

VIP Entry begins at 1:00pm on Saturday, May 6th and includes a souvenir wine glass and festival program with full list of featured wines. Separate event ticket prices range from $30 to $156, which covers the Premium and Grand Tasting package.

Local law enforcement undergo water training in Galveston

Officers in boat in Galveston_1489375882683_8956514_ver1.0

GALVESTON, Texas – From drugs to human smuggling, it all happens out on the water.

Local law enforcement agencies just finished up training this past week in Galveston. KHOU 11 News got a first hand look at what it takes to keep all of us safe.

It’s not for the faint of heart, it’s high speed and action packed.

“We like to call it top gun of boat operations,” said Brad Williams, an instructor with the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators.

Local law enforcement is learning to chase down the bad guys on the water.

“We’re looking for weapons, we’re looking for additional people we might not know are aboard,” said Williams. “We found after September 11th that we can’t do the job, any of us, we can’t do the job alone.”

For the first time, NASBLA instructors are in the waters off Galveston training local law enforcement on everything from high speed chases to protecting high value targets.

“This opens up your eyes to what these boats are capable of doing,” said Sgt. Louis Trochesset, with the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office.

alveston County sees it’s fair share of action.

“We have some vessels that might be smuggling in some dope from offshore, we have some human trafficking,” said Trochesset.

Now, more than ever they want more of their deputies, especially heading into the busy summer season to be ready.

“They get so used to the daily routine, driving the neighborhoods, driving around conducting traffic stops, but it’s those times you get into a pursuit they need to know how to handle their vehicle,” said Trochesset.

Or in this case their boat. So, deputies can catch illegal activity on the water, before it ever makes it to shore and into Houston.

“It could happen today, it could happen tomorrow, hopefully it will never happen but we will always be prepared,” said Trochesset.

It’s a week long class, funded by a grant. The goal is to synchronize training across the nation, so more law enforcement agencies can work together on the water.

Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing – Top Things to Do In Galveston, TX


There is no shortage of things to do when you stay at The Tremont House. And they’re only a short distance from our Wyndham Grand Hotel. Some of the major annual events include Dickens on the Strand, Mardi Gras, and Lone Star Motorcycle Rally.  Peruse the original work of regional artists at Galveston Arts Center. Treat yourself to a show at Grand 1894 Opera House. Explore the Texas A&M University at Galveston campus where students delve deeply into marine and maritime studies. You can also take a cruise on major lines like Carnival or Royal Caribbean from the Port of Galveston.

Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Seafood Restaurants: 10 Best Restaurant Reviews



Certain restaurants are known for their expertise at turning out signature dishes really well. They’ve pinned down the ingredients, mastered the process, and gained a strong following as a result. Galveston has had much success cultivating great restaurants and creating a substantial market for Seafood. Locals can’t get enough of the city’s excellent food, and you’ll often find them, along with eager tourists, at popular Gaido’s Seafood Restaurant or at Clary’s, a major player in the field. Make sure you see what all the fuss is about!

  1. CLARY’S

Clary’s has a lot to live up to as a seafood restaurant in a coastal city, and this restaurant handles the task beautifully. As one of the finest restaurants in Galveston, seafood or otherwise, Clary’s treats diners to scenic bay views and an quality selection of dishes, including a mouthwatering lump crab dish in a velvety cheese sauce. Other all-star dishes are fettuccini Alfredo with crabmeat, broiled flounder, and gumbo (crawfish served seasonally).


There are no trappings of pretension at Fisherman’s Wharf–just great food at a reasonable price. The fried calamari or red snapper dishes are excellent choices, and a wide selection of pasta, beef, and sandwich plates are also available. An extra perk is the restaurant’s location on a restored pier where diners can eat outdoors and watch the shrimp boats return home with the day’s catch.


Ever since its opening in 1911, Gaido’s has been concerned with freshness and a personal touch. Chefs shuck, peel, and filet by hand, giving each dish the special attention it needs to come out perfect. Garlic snapper, crab cakes, and shrimp bisque are just a few of the succulent menu items diners enjoy. The atmosphere is perfect for a romantic evening or a business dinner.


Landry’s has become a seafood staple in Galveston and all along the Gulf Coast. One of the main reasons is the vast seafood menu comprised of dishes like shrimp Creole, herb-crusted red snapper, broiled flounder, gumbo, clam chowder and grilled mahi mahi. There are plenty of other choices as well, including salads, pastas and steak for the landlubber. Casual and family friendly, the restaurant is great for groups.

  1. RUDY & PACO

Rudy & Paco takes traditional seafood staples like flounder and crab and turns them into something special thanks to South American culinary touches. Try crab or shrimp antojitos (appetizers) before moving on to a main dish of seafood, steak, or chicken cooked with Nicaraguan flair. Large and inviting, the restaurant becomes packed on weekends, so make reservations.


In-the-know locals swarm to this hip restaurant to enjoy stylish seafood prepared in an open kitchen. Always concerned with freshness, the chefs serve a variety of seasonal dishes. Notable selections include grilled yellow fin tuna with chili sauce, “Big Daddy’s Gumbo,” pan-seared red snapper, and herb-crusted halibut. Homemade desserts are an added plus.


Willie G’s is an institution in and unto itself and is recognized not only in Galveston but also across the US as a top destination for seafood. Choose spicy blackened snapper for a real treat, or go with an expertly prepared favorite like grilled flounder, gulf shrimp, or a grilled tuna sandwich. Juicy Angus steaks are also available.


Mario’s serves classic Italian dishes like spaghetti and lasagna, as well as great seafood entrees teeming with fresh shrimp, snapper, and crab – but the main draw is pizza. The New York-style pies have kept patrons returning again and again, and now Mario’s serves wood-burning gourmet pizzas to tempt a new generation. The restaurant’s family atmosphere is great for the entire clan.


Diners can choose a number of tastes at Cajun Greek’s to satisfy their palates. The horseshoe-shaped counter welcomes guests who want poboys, boiled crawdads, and catfish as equally as those who desire fresh blackened flounder, gyros, and shrimp Mediterranean. A house specialty is Cajun Greek Snapper, but if you’re in the mood for something less adventurous, they also serve a variety of burgers and sandwiches.


Crave no further if you want authentic Mexican cuisine or Mexican cuisine with a twist. Diners at Salsas Mexican & Seafood Restaurant can choose a traditional dish like beef fajitas and enchiladas or go “coastal” with a shrimp fajita or fish taco. On the lighter side, the restaurant serves a “Gringo Salad”–that’s without the shell–and a just-right shrimp cocktail. After work, the margaritas flow freely and the patio fills with happy hour regulars.

The Lexus Group Enthusiast – ‘Yet’ Philosophy Inspires Lexus Design Award 2017 Finalists, Announced Today


Finalist Selection Marks First Time US Designers Advance to Final Round

NEW YORK, Jan. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Lexus International today announced the 12 finalists for the Lexus Design Award 2017.  3 finalists based in the USA were selected, marking the first time designers from this region have advanced to the final round. First launched in 2013 to help stimulate the ideas necessary to build a better tomorrow, Lexus is celebrating the 5th anniversary of this international design competition that supports up-and-coming designers and creators worldwide. Lexus Design Award 2017 drew 1,152 entries from 63 countries under the theme of “Yet.”

As the philosophical soul of Lexus innovation, “Yet” is particularly appropriate for the 5thanniversary of this Lexus event. “Yet” inspires us to find synergy effects by fusing seemingly incompatible goals – spacious yet aerodynamic design – for example. By harmonizing contradictory elements, “Yet” opens up visionary frontiers of progressive design and technology to deliver amazing, new experiences to the world.

In November 2016, a panel of world-renowned designers and creative mentors gathered to judge the entries. After rigorous evaluation and extensive discussion, the judges chose 12 finalists.

Out of these 12 finalists, the following four were selected to prototype their designs, mentored by globally recognized creators.

  • Structural Color- Static Yet Changing, Jessica Fügler (USA)

Static YET Changeable structure depending on viewpoint.

  • Having nothing, and yet possessing everything., Ahran Won (Korea, USA-based)

A capsule for mobile living, Having nothing YET Everything.

  • PIXEL, Hiroto Yoshizoe (Japan)

A structure to experience the existence of Light YET Shadow.

  • Player’s Pflute, Jia Wu (China)

Vegetable YET a Musical instrument provides fun and learning experience.

To provide creative guidance to the above four finalists, Lexus Design Award 2017 has enlisted four renowned mentors: architects and interdisciplinary designers Neri & Hu, designer Max Lamb, designer/architect Elena Manferdini and artist/architect Snarkitecture. All served as mentors to last year’s finalists, as well.

The four completed prototypes will be featured as part of the Lexus exhibition at this year’s Milan Design Week, along with presentation boards introducing the other eight finalists’ designs. The event will run from April 3 (press and award presentation day) through April 9. On April 3, the finalists will present their designs to the judges and international media. The judges will evaluate the four prototypes and announce the Grand Prix winner, marking the climax of the Lexus Design Award 2017 award cycle.

More information and pictures can be found on:

Lexus Design Award website: http://www.lexusdesignaward.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lexusdesignaward/   @lexusdesignaward

Official hashtags:#LexusDesignAward; #MilanDesignWeek;


Further details on the Lexus presence at 2017 Milan Design Week* will be announced in mid-February on the Lexus Design Award website.

* The world’s largest design exhibition, also known as Salone Del Mobile, presents events and exhibits by brands and designers in many categories including furniture, fashion and textiles.



The 2017 Lexus LS is set to get a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain variant which is set to be release in 2019. It is likely that its technology will be very similar to the LF-FC’s, meaning it may have one electric motor driving the rear wheels and two in-wheel motors sending power to the front.

It is worth nothing that just recently, spy photographers have caught the first prototype of the 2017 Lexus LS testing on the road. The car is still covered though by a thick black canvas color prompting that it will be a completely new design.

The fourth generation of the saloon representation of Lexus has been in business since 2006 so it is clear that a huge update is needed to be done for the 2017 Lexus LS as their main rivals have already surpassed the Japanese brand since all have modern versions of their models. One of them is the BMW 7 Series, which in the same time interval has launched three generations.

At the moment many details about the flagship of Lexus, the 2017 Lexus LS are still unknown, but recent news from Carscoops say that the executive saloon will feature the new global architecture of the company and offer gasoline powered V8 and V6 engines as well as a hydrogen variant set to arrive in 2019. For its part, Toyota recorded the LS500 and LS500h denominations last year, confirming these speculations.

Head of Lexus said that they know and have the technology of hydrogen fuel cells. The only challenge is how to package a fuel cell in a car that also needs a certain level of performance such as the 2017 Lexus LS. The premium buyers have certain expectations that needs to be maintain according to DriveSpark.

Rumors suggest that the 2017 Lexus LS will have a mechanical hydrogen fuel cell. If so, it would be one that would inherit all the advances in hydrogen than the group has been performing with the version of Toyota Mirai. This could mean that it will equip with an electric motor on the rear train and two on the front wheels.